What are the career options after BCom?

Author : By MITACSC 29-10-2023 12:36:12

Which one is better: BBA or BCom

B com which is bachelors of commerce is one of the most important degrees for any student who belongs to commerce stream. But completing of this graduation is not the only resort that helps you to get opportunities but in order to get high paying jobs, you should select some of the right courses that helps you to build up your career. With this article, we are going to discuss about some of the career options that you can pursue after BCom.

Career opportunities

• Company secretary: this is one of the most common type of BCom career options that are pursued by most of the students because this is what of the examinations through which you will get the highest paying jobs in the field. This is one of the fields that is designed for preparing the student to get more and more legal information through which the company and its legal matters can easily be managed. Some important things that should be learned by the student in this course includes ideology management, corporate accounting and company law.

• Financial risk management: this is an another important after BCom career options through which you will become eligible to create your career in banking services and finance related companies. This is one of the course that is launched by global association of risk professionals and this course will provide you the knowledge about the techniques and principles through which risk management can be done in any organization. For most of the students, this is one of the most exciting career option after BCom and it includes all the finance related and risk management related subjects for better understanding of both the concepts.

• Chartered accountancy: chartered accountancy is the prestigious course for any student after BCom because this helps you to get the highest paying job of all the commerce courses. This is one of the courses that are offered by institute of Chartered Accountants of India and they are primarily designed to train students about finance and taxation. However, this exam is one of the toughest exams after BCom and so as its salary packages are the most fascinating ones among all other fields. It gives you knowledge about accounting, mathematics of business, economics, business law and finance related reporting.

• Business accounting and taxation: this is a core taxation course that is offered to the student for better understanding of accounting and make them professionals of that field. It includes both theoretical and practical part in which the students will understand the techniques and the tools that are used for taxation purpose and accounting.

These are some of the important career opportunities that a student can pursue after completing BCom as these are core courses in which the student must get more and more information of their field. Also, we have mentioned the important knowledge that the student will get from every course as it is important to understand about the fields that these courses are going to train to every student for getting help in understanding the course in a better way.