Top Commerce Colleges In India

Top Commerce Colleges In India

Author : By MITACSC 2022-11-29 10:49:13

There’s a frequent misperception that there are fewer opportunities in the field of commerce as compared to science. In reality, the job opportunities available to students to explore and develop in commerce are almost limitless.

Another prevalent misconception among students is that, although commerce without maths gives few career options, commerce with maths opens up many prospects. However, commerce without maths will not restrict their job prospects. A few factors to consider in choosing university eligibility are entrance tests, the curriculum, college placements, and alums.

Why pursue a bachelor's degree in commerce?

There are numerous benefits to earning a degree in business, from the marketable skills you will acquire and the networks you will form, which will help you excel in your career.

Develop crucial business abilities

During your degree program, you will develop the various abilities necessary for a career in business and commerce. Establishing and sustaining successful relationships, making persuasive presentations, and creating ideas depends heavily on communication. Additionally, you will learn how to collaborate with others, articulate your views, and cope with opposing viewpoints. Other abilities you'll get include:

● Knowledge of economics and how markets influence businesses

● Critical analysis and evaluation


The abovementioned talents are very transferable and helpful in virtually any career. Employers in various sectors would be interested in candidates with strong time management skills, excellent communication skills, and teamwork skills.

● Accounting

● Consultancy

● Finance

● Human resources

● Law

● Management

●  Advertisement and marketing

A basic overview of the corporate world

Learn about the business and commerce world from knowledgeable speakers and instructors who have worked in the sector. You can also get the chance to participate in job experience or listen to guest speakers.

Work for yourself

Even if you have the most brilliant company plan, understanding how to sell your product can considerably improve it. A commerce degree allows for networking with like-minded people and exchanging ideas. You could even run across a potential business partner!

Eligibility Requirements for Commerce (UG & PG)

Undergraduate Program

A candidate must have a minimum cumulative score of 50% on their 10+2 exam (State Board/ISC/CBSE). In addition, several universities mandate writing their own entrance examinations as part of the admissions process.

Postgraduate course

The Master of Commerce (M.Com) program requires either a Bachelor of Commerce or a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree. Additionally, most institutions need candidates to pass their admission exams to enrol.


Admissions to most institutions are merit-based. These are carried out in consideration of better secondary exam results. If not, certain entrance exams are required, and admission is determined depending on the test score. They each have application forms that call for the upper secondary exam results cards, several identifications, and address-related papers.

Following this, some colleges organize interviews to choose candidates, while others publish a list of applicants. A minor entrance fee and the submission of a few papers are required to complete the admissions process after being chosen.

Why pursue a commerce degree from MIT ACSC?

A degree from the MIT ACSC can help you stand out from the competition since it is recognized nationwide. As a result of its outstanding scholarly research and teaching, the University is recognized as one of the top B.Com colleges in Pune. It provides possibilities for practical experience and study abroad so that you may learn crucial information about your chosen sector firsthand.