BSc Animation Colleges In Pune

BSc Animation Colleges In Pune

Author : By MITACSC 2022-04-18 06:02:10

Today, the field of animation has become quite vibrant and exciting, due to which thousands of scholars are attracted to the industry. The optimistic future it holds for young minds is ever-growing and dynamic, and several animation training institutes have come up in demand.

But among students, the most challenging thing is selecting the right course and college. One must consider Pune to pursue their B.Sc. animation as it has one of the finest BSc colleges. One of the top BSc animation colleges in Pune is MIT Arts, Commerce, and Science. Today, we will provide you with clear information on B.Sc. animation courses available in the market.

What is BSc Animation?

A degree course in animation is understood as B.Sc. in Animation or bachelor of science in animation. It's a 3-year course of 6 semesters. This course contains the process of designing, drawing, and preparation of photographic sequences, which are combined with gaming and multimedia. The B.Sc. in animation is available at selected colleges or institutes in India. Students studying in BSc animation colleges in Pune get an opportunity to understand the nuances of animation and filmmaking.

BSc Animation Course at MIT ACSC

B.Sc Media Graphics and Animation is a UGC approved university recognized UG course. MIT ACSC offers a three-year course after the 12th and focuses on all significant multimedia and animation components. The MIT ACSC college is an Adobe Creative Technology Academy and hence provides excellent education in design, animation, and VFX. The college is recognized as the best higher education institute for animation and media courses. This BSc animation college in Pune has been nationally ranked #2 for educational quality and placement by Image Planet, Bengaluru.

B.Sc. in animation is a three-year undergraduate degree course presented by Savitribai Phule Pune University (with which MIT ACSC is affiliated). Through the program, the scholars will understand how to create an illusion of change and motion of images and learn how to draw, design, and create photographic series integrated with gaming and multimedia.

The B.Sc. in animation program brings the technical skills required for a career in animation, with a firm foundation in core art and design principles. It is a blend of both classic theories with application-based modules. The course's curriculum comprises the application of software programs, photoshop, flash, and computer-generated animation. This course in the top BSc animation college in Pune prepares students for the skilled world of animation by building enthusiasm and equipping them with apt skills.

Who can pursue a BSc in Animation?

There are not many significant standards and provisions for a certification course in animation. Students who’ve completed their 10th or 12th standard from a science background with a minimum of 50-60 aggregate marks from a recognized board are qualified to study animation. However, in excellent conditions for admission, institutes can provide relaxation. Some colleges also conduct group discussions and personal interviews.


● To equip the students with various methods, approaches, and techniques of animation technology.

● To develop skills and competencies needed to become an influential animator.

● To enable learners to manage animation projects from their conceptual stage to the final product innovation.

● To train students in using laws of human motion and psychology 2-D or 3-D characters.

● To acquire expertise in life-drawing and related techniques.

● To involve audio and video production techniques in an animation project.

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