B.Com Colleges In India

B.Com Colleges In India

Author : 2022-07-01 06:25:04

The Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) is the most popular undergraduate programme in the country. This course is completed following the completion of the 12th grade in commerce or science. Since this course provides a wide range of opportunities once students have completed their B.Com along with further education and career opportunities makes it the perfect course to take after class 12th. The advantage of a B.Com. degree from the top B.Com colleges in India is that you can find a good job and begin working immediately after graduation. Students can also pursue MBA or PGDM courses once done with the B.Com.

What you learn in your B.Com. degree serves as a great foundation for MBA and PGDM programmes.

Eligibility Criteria for the B.Com. Program

The B.Com programme is not open to everyone. However, students shall follow these eligibility criteria to get admitted into the top B.Com colleges in India:

● You must have finished your 12th grade in commerce.

● Students with other streams in the 12th class may also apply. However, it will depend on the discretion of the universities.

● Students who have scored (Merit-based) equal to or more than the cut-off marks prescribed by the universities will directly be admitted.

● Private colleges and universities may offer direct admission regardless of a candidate's grade point average.

The Admissions Process for B.Com

The admission process for a B. Com course has been discussed in detail below:  

● After graduating from high school, you must complete the university paperwork, which is available on the institution's website.

● Students are required to provide a printout of their class 12th mark sheet along with the online application fee.

● Admission will be granted based on your 12th-grade performance (Merit-Based).

If you don't get into the college of your choice, you can wait until the university admissions process is completed before applying for direct admission.

Future Career Scope for B.Com Graduates

B.Com. remains the most popular undergrad course in India due to the numerous career opportunities. The country's most important industry in commerce.  As the economy grows, so will the commerce industry and the jobs available in it. As a result, a B.Com. has a wide range of applications and will prepare you for a successful career. The following are the range of career scope of B.Com graduates.

● Auditor

● Accountant

● Consultant

● Business Analyst

● Company Secretary

● Sales Analyst

● Finance Officer

● Junior Analyst

B.Com Course Duration

The B.Com. degree programme is divided into three years of study. Every year, you must choose a specialization. You are also permitted to have two backlogs per year. However, in order to progress to the next year, these backlog subjects must be completed in the next semester. If you do not pass or fail more than two subjects, you will have to repeat the year.


A B.com course is an excellent degree to pursue; as previously stated, B.com students have a bright future full of opportunities. MIT Arts Commerce & Science College offers one of the greatest options, as well as other UG and PG degrees, and is one of the top B.Com colleges in Pune. Seats are limited; please contact the MIT ACSC for more information.