Sr.No.Program Outcomes (POs)
PO1: Understand Management discipline with global emphasis.
PO2: Analyze the environmental factors and evaluate the impact of world issues on an organization's international business opportunities.
PO3: Evaluate and present market research to support an organization's business decision-making.
PO4: Describe and list the documents and the application required in foreign trade.
PO5: Evaluate the impact of legal environment on an organization's business initiatives.
PO6: Develop strategies to address the impact of cultural differences on an organization's trade initiatives.
PO7: Describe the concepts and practices like international economics, import and export, International logistics, forex etc.
PO8: Identify and interpret relevant international financial documents, and evaluate financial strategies of the corporate.
PO9: Demonstrate professional communication skills required in global markets.
PO10: Develop and present an international business plan.
Course Name: 101-Indian Business Environment
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand environmental factors affecting businesses.
CO2: Assess the environmental problems faced by business and commerce.
CO3: Understand the ethical aspects of business environment.
CO4: Explain different types of environment.
CO5: Analyze the problems of growth of economy and give solution on the same.
CO6: Explain the role of business in maintaining natural resources and sustainable development.
CO7: Explain the role of Chamber of Commerce in the industrial development in India.
Course Name: 102-Communication Skills and Personality Development
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand the concept, process and importance of communication.
CO2: Illustrate the knowledge of media of communication.
CO3: Describe on how to develop skills of effective communication -both written and oral.
CO4: Apply the communication skills in the world of business.
CO5: Analyze the concept of personality development and its significance in the corporate world.
CO6: Generalize various traits required for personality development to be an effective executive.
Course Name: 103-Micro Economic Analysis
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Define and describe basic microeconomic concepts of international business.
CO2: Apply approach to help to draw correct conclusions/ solve economic problems.
CO3: Explain Law of Demand with example.
CO4: Explain Law of Supply with example.
CO5: Describe how to explain and quantify the mechanism by which the total amount of resources possessed by society is allocated among alternative uses.
Course Name: 104-Business Accounting
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand all basic concepts of accounting.
CO2: Classify the accounts and prepare Journal, Ledger Accounts and Final Accounts.
CO3: To analyze the profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet and compare the same of one firm with the other.
CO4: Appraise the financial position of the business with the help of Balance Sheet.
CO5: Solve problems on Journal Entries and Ledger Accounts.
CO6: Solve problems on Subsidiary Books and Cash Book.
CO7: Solve problems on Final Accounts.
Course Name: 105-Principles and Practice of Management
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand basic concept of organization and business administration.
CO2: Gain knowledge about working of business organization through the process of management.
CO3: Understand the basic principles of management - acquainted with management process, functions and principles. Students got the idea about new developments in management.
CO4: Understand the recent trends in management.
CO5: Develop managerial skills among them.
Course Name: 106-Business Mathematics
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain the concepts of ratio, proportion and percentage.
CO2: Describe the concept and application of profit and loss in business.
CO3: Calculate EMI based upon theoretical concept.
CO4: Explain the concept of stock exchange and to calculate Dividend.
CO5: Calculate Dividend.
CO6: Interpret the applications of matrices in business.
Course Name: 201-Cost Accounting
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Describe basic concepts in costing, preparation of Cost Sheet etc.
CO2: Solve problems of Cost Sheet.
CO3: Explain important methods & techniques of costing used by the industries.
CO4: Solve problems of Cash Budget and Flexible Budget.
CO5: Solve problems of Standard Costing.
Course Name: 202-Elements of Human Resource Management
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Comprehends the maintenance of better human relations in the organization by the development, application and evaluation of policies, procedures and programs relating to human resources to optimize their contribution towards the realization of organizational objectives.
CO2: Acquainted organizational concept to attain its goals effectively and efficiently by providing competent and motivated employees.
Course Name: 203-Macro Economic Analysis
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain basic concepts of Macro Economics.
CO2: Describe the relationships among broad aggregates.
CO3: Apply economic reasoning to macroeconomic policy.
Course Name: 204-Principles of Marketing
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand and critically analyze basic concept of marketing
CO2: Understand the need of marketing industry.
CO3: Explain the functions of Marketing Manager in 21st century.
CO4: Describe the changing profile and challenges faced by a Marketing manager.
CO5: Acquire and gain knowledge about the primary functions and applications of marketing principles in actual practice.
Course Name: 205-Business Statistics
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand the concept of population and sample.
CO2: Apply frequency distribution concept to make decision.
CO3: Explain various types of averages and variation.
CO4: Calculate various types of averages and variation.
CO5: Apply regression analysis to estimate the relationship between two variables.
CO6: Solve lpp to maximize the profit and to minimize the cost.
Course Name: 206-Information Technology in Business Operations
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Describe fundamentals of Computers.
CO2: Explain the usage of computer applications in Business.
CO3: Explain Block Diagram Of Elements of digital computer.
CO4: Express the role played by IT in actual business functioning.
CO5: Classify the types of Memory into Primary memory and Secondary memory.
CO6: To assess the current happenings in IT sector and its impact on other industries.
Course Name: 301-International Business Environment
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Comprehends the basic concept of globalization and role played in global environmental issues.
CO2: Acquainted about eco-friendly policies and practices followed by the corporates.
CO3: Comprehends with measures taken by the corporate to curb global warming.
Course Name: 302-Production and Operations Management
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Learn process of production, product design, production planning and control Describe fundamentals of computers
CO2: Explain about maintenance, method study, work study and motion study , Time study etc.
CO3: Explain the types of maintenance.
CO4: Understand the concept of ergonomics and other production related processes and activities.
CO5: Recall the Procedure of Production Planning.
Course Name: 303-International Economics
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain international economics concepts.
CO2: Compare different terms of trade and factors influencing trade.
CO3: To illustrate international institutions like WTO, IMF, World Bank atc and their role international finance and trade.
CO4: Interpret the theories of international trade.
CO5: Identify different terms of trade such as Barter Terms of trade & Income Terms of Trade
Course Name: 304-International Marketing
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand international environment and policies.
CO2: Demonstrate skills to deal in international market.
CO3: Memorize the concept of International Marketing.
CO4: Interpret recent Import Export Policies
CO5: List Export Documentation.
Course Name: 305-Foreign Language Paper I – German
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Read in German Language.
CO2: Recall German alphabets.
CO3: Recall numbers in German language.
CO4: Write basic sentences in German language.
CO5: Speak in German Language.
Course Name: 306-Management Accounting
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Understand the basic knowledge of management accounting.
CO2: To explain different types of accounting, Analysis and Interpretation of financial statements and ratios.
CO3: Solve problems on Ratio Analysis.
CO4: Solve problems on Funds Flow and Cash Flow Statements.
CO5: Solve problems on Marginal Costing.
CO6: Solve problems on Budget and Budgetary Control.
CO7: Analyze financial statements of the companies.
Course Name: 401-Foreign Exchange Operations
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Describe concepts like balance of trade, balance of payment, foreign exchange rates etc.
CO2: Explain practical procedural aspects of banks and other institutions connected with foreign exchange.
CO3: Discuss Foreign Exchange Market.
CO4: List Documents used in Foreign Trade.
CO5: Interpret Methods of exchange Control.
CO6: Differentiate and explain Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments.
Course Name: 402-International Business in Service Sector
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Comprehend distinctive features, operations of the services in the context of international business.
CO2: Interpret the role of services in the Indian Economy.
CO3: Analyze the services with which are having potentials for export.
CO4: Classify international rules for banking, Securities and insurance.
CO5: Enumerate the problems in International Trade in Services.
Course Name: 403-International Agricultural Business
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Discuss agricultural scenario at national and international level, agro based industries, basic concepts in agri marketing etc.
CO2: Quote on exim policy and agri marketing.
CO3: Plan some business projects on agriculture.
CO4: Understand the geographical and governmental advantages for agri business
Course Name: 404-Business Taxation
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Memorize the basic concepts and definitions under the Income Tax Act, 1961
CO2: Evaluate latest development in the subject of taxation.
CO3: Calculate and interpret Income under different heads of Income of Income Tax Act, 1961.
CO4: Tell the process of submission of Income Tax Return, Advance Tax, Tax deducted at Source, Tax Collection Authorities and different sections.
CO5: Calculate taxable income of firms, co-operative societies and charitable trust.
Course Name: 405-Foreign language Paper II – German
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Read in German Language.
CO2: Recall German alphabets.
CO3: Recall German numbers up to 100.
CO4: Write basic sentences in German language.
CO5: Speak in German Language.
CO6: Give their self introduction in German language.
Course Name: 406-Business Exposure
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain the general nature and structure of business
CO2: Enumerate the functioning of various industries.
CO3: Describe the specific industrial management styles and techniques of execution followed by the industries visited.
Course Name: 501-Business Ethics
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Comprehends social ethics, corporate ethics and global ethics.
CO2: Acquainted budding managers’ qualities and learned to differentiate the personal and professional ethics on national and international level.
CO3: Promotes principles of ethics taught the students the functional execution and balance of management system.
Course Name: 502-Business Law
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Describe basic legal concepts used in law related to businesses.
CO2: Apply legal principles to situations in business by referring to few decided cases.
CO3: Define and recall various concepts under Indian Contract Act 1872.
CO4: Differentiate the functioning of various consumer disputes Redressal agencies.
CO5: Explain various aspects and applicability of Intellectual Property Rights.
Course Name: 503-International Relations
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Comprehends the functioning of EU, NAFTA, SAARC and SAPTA.
CO2: Understand the socio-cultural impact due to uneven income distribution prevailing in Indian society
CO3: Explain the role and policies of WTO and allied agencies such as GATS. TRIPS, TRIMS etc.
CO4: Explain dumping and anti-dumping policies
CO5: Enumerate Implications of WTO pertaining to GATS, TRIPS, TRIMS etc.
Course Name: 504-International Banking and Finance
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Interpret the practices followed by banks at international level.
CO2: Relate the methods of financing international trade.
CO3: Sate the concepts of banking and their functions, role of commercial banking in financing import and export and international debt settlement system.
CO4: Demonstrate international financial agencies such as World Bank, IMF, ADB etc. In the promotion of international trade.
CO5: Stat the role of Commercial Banks in Financing Import & Export.
CO6: Describe the concepts - Factoring & Forfeiting.
Course Name: 505-Business Reporting and Analysis
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Learn and analyze, interpret various factors that affect business decision making.
CO2: Understand different types of reports and reporting pattern followed in different areas of operations in corporate sector
CO3: Classify different types of business analysis such as Economic Analysis, Company Analysis, and Sector Analysis etc.
CO4: Demonstrate various Tools & Techniques used in Business Analysis & Interpretation
CO5: Preparing Business Plans.
Course Name: 506-E- Commerce Technology
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Define and explain the concepts e-commerce, internet, intranet, extranet etc.
CO2: Differentiate between internet, intranet, and extranet.
CO3: Explain about electronic data exchange and e - governance.
CO4: Categories different types of electronic payment system.
CO5: Explain technical Components of E-Commerce
Course Name: 601-Import Export Procedure
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain basic concepts of import and export procedure.
CO2: Explain the procedure of acquiring license for export, import & custom clearance.
CO3: Describe the documents required in export, import business.
CO4: Name various schemes Implemented by Govt. For encouraging exports & introducing duty drawbacks and remittance scheme.
Course Name: 602-International Business Law
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain basic concepts in International Business Law.
CO2: Describe about various international laws and their provisions. International institutions, their functions, role in international economic law.
CO3: Recognize international institutions, their functions.
CO4: Analyze the role of international institutions in international economic law.
CO5: Discuss about international trade and international dispute settlement machinery
CO6: Indentify Indian laws and various agencies affecting international trade.
Course Name: 603-Study of Global Economics
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain the concept globalization, its drivers, global economy of 21st century.
CO2: Describe the role of IMF, World Bank and global human resource management
CO3: Analyze and evaluate the challenges confronted by India in the global economy.
CO4: Solve case studies of global economics and business environment.
Course Name: 604-International Project Management
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain basic concepts in International Project Management.
CO2: Explain basic concepts in International Project Management.
CO3: Analyze different technical, financial and other aspects of project analysis.
CO4: Explain Gantt charts and their importance in the project management.
CO5: Define the concepts in project delivery and control.
CO6: Describe Cultural Factors Influencing International Projects & Learning.
Course Name: 605-Supply Chain and Logistic Management
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Explain basic concept of distribution system, channel section, selection of channel partner and strategies of channel of distribution.
CO2: Describe channel management & channel strategy.
CO3: State the factors in the selection of distribution channel.
CO4: Interpret functional areas of logistics integration.
CO5: Describe Physical Distribution Management.
CO6: Define the term Channel Conflict and strategies to overcome the channel conflict.
Course Name: 606-Research Methodology and Project
Sr.No.Course Outcomes (COs)
CO1: Define various concepts in research methodology.
CO2: Frame research design.
CO3: Explain data collection process.
CO4: Differentiate primary and secondary data, analysis of data, drawing inferences and report writing.
CO5: Analyze the data collected through various data collection methods., drawing inferences and report writing.
CO6: Draw inferences based on the survey analysis.
CO7: Prepare report based upon survey analysis.