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Cambridge English Examination is a part of the University of Cambridge. It helps millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world. MIT Arts, Commerce & Science College, Alandi(D), Pune is the authorized Cambridge Examination and Training Center (IA679). Admission for Linguaskill Examination has been opened now for the students and professionals. The course will be conducted by Arts & Commerce Department. The course will make the students more professional and employable.

Benefits of ‘Linguaskill’ Certification
  • International Recognition.
  • Useful for campus placement, higher studies and jobs abroad.
  • Skill-wise Result (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).
  • Proof of English Proficiency through Cambridge Certification.
  • Modular Skills Testing: Reading & Listening, Writing and Speaking skill are all tested separately. Test takers can decide when and which skill to test first.
  • Artificial Intelligence based test.
  • Adaptive Test: All the questions are according to the CEFR level of the particular candidate.
  • Quick Result- Within 48 hours result is available.

Fee Structure
Sr. No. Name of the Examination Type of candidate Fee Details
1 Linguaskill (With Training- 20 Hrs.) MIT Alandi Campus Students Rs. 6608/-
2 Linguaskill (With Training- 20 Hrs.) Other than MIT students and Professionals Rs. 7000/-

Sr. No. English Language Skill Time
1 Reading and Listening 60-85 minutes approximately
2 Writing 45 minutes
3 Speaking 15 minutes