Which one is better: BBA or BCom

Author : By MITACSC 23-10-2023 12:36:12

Which one is better: BBA or BCom

There are multiple questions that rises in the mind of the student who completes their schooling as selection of the right degree is something that helps you to be in the competition and becomes a major challenge for completing your goals. In fact, some of the students believe that selection of right degree is one of the major decisions of your life that will help you to build up your career in that way. Among all the other degrees, BBA, which is bachelors of business administration and b com which is bachelor of commerce is one of the most common type of degrees that is suggested by every person. Even after understanding both the degrees, the major question that arises in the students mind Includes the questions like BBA or BCom which is better? So we have covered here some of the important things that will help you to better decide which scheme should you choose in your graduation.

About BBA And BCom

BBA that is bachelor of business administration is one of the graduation programs through which administration and management of business is dot to the student. Through this degree the student gets a comprehensive knowledge of multiple factors of the business and how multiple resources helps to build up a business. Usually, this course is for 3 years but in some situations, students extend it till 4 years. On the other hand, BCom that is bachelor of commerce is and another graduation programme in which all the commerce related subjects are available for the student through which they can understand finance and economics in a well-defined manner. This degree is also for 3 years and include 6 different semesters.

Scope level in BBA and BCom

Right after understanding of both the degrees, the next thing that students think is BBA or BCom, which has more scope? Well both the fields have its own advantages like BBA has diverse options in multiple areas like human resource, finance, marketing and many other things. Also this degree helps you to get more understanding of entrepreneurship through which you can aspire or dreams and convert them into reality. On the other hand BCom helps you to become a good financial manager and help you to grab opportunities in the field of finance like financial analyst, business management, financial risk manager, investment banker and accountant are some of the important designations that can be pursued after BCom.

Skills developed in BBA and BCom

Both the degrees are also important from the perspective of skill development like BBA helps you to develop your presentation skills, accounting skills, analytical skills and management skills whereas BCom helps you to improve your taxation skills, research skills, accounting skills and analytical skills In finance.


Both the degrees have their own importance depending on the goal that you are going to pursue in future. Selection of the right degree is quite important and crucial but these analytical skills help you to get better clarity of things and help you to select the right degree.