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How To Achieve Excellent Marks in Exams: 10 Tips & Techniques

Author : 2023-06-24 11:20:30

The first step in school is understanding the reason for attaining good exam marks. One can succeed in life through great grades and marks in exams. During the time of the exam, every student wants to get good marks. Students have often sought effective ways to spend maximum time learning and studying easily in this context. Additionally, to take admission to BCA Colleges in Pune, B.Com Colleges in Pune, and the best BBA Colleges in Pune, below mentioned tips and techniques, make the students efficient in achieving good marks in the entrance exam.

Explain any 10 Tips & Techniques to Achieve Good Marks In Exams.

1. Attending all classes

Classroom materials:

Getting all class materials for good marks is important. Professors have provided lessons very carefully with each small point. The student needs to attend classes to get all those discussions.

Making a presence in professors:

Regular attendance in colleges and schools leads students to engage with professors to develop kind relationships. It creates a good image of that student in the eye of professors.

2. Master the professors

Professors have different techniques for providing lessons. A student needs to understand the course syllabus properly and cope with the techniques of professors so that achieving marks can be easy as all of them are well aware of the lessons. To build an effective relationship with professors, students must communicate with them to develop personal bonding.

3. Utilizing the time properly

Utilization of time appropriately is another critical aspect for getting good numbers in the exams. All the tasks must be completed within the time, enabling students to provide a stress-free academic life. Some tips for using time properly are:

● Tackle the hard work at first

● Taking breaks

● Breaking larger projects into smaller one

● Learn to say no

4. Being organized

Using a planner:

Proper development of a plan regarding the daily routine and classes can complete all the tasks accordingly, and the exam numbers can be effectively calculated.

Keep homework, tests, and class papers:

Habit of homework, tests of class papers, and notes could not be thrown after examination. Future studies and assignments need to achieve a potential grade.

5. Utilizing the textbooks

One should utilize the textbooks properly so that all important notes and details can be evaluated and discussed for effective preparation. Reading all the assigned books and possibly highlighting important sections is important for achieving good marks. It provides a good habit of reading and encourages a student to acquire maximum knowledge.

6. Finding a seat at the front

It is one of the best ways to achieve good marks on all the tests in schools and colleges. The seating arrangement on the front line bench helps a student see all lecture notes efficiently and hear all discussions properly.

7. Taking notes effectively

The habit of taking notes is a very much effective strategy for bringing success to academic life. It enables one to be habituated with the enhancement of own writing skills. Additionally, one can understand the important parts of the lecture, which need to be noted in the copybook so that it provides help during the exam period.

8. Proper understanding of the topic

Acknowledging an appropriate understanding of the concerned topic is an important attribute for encouraging the growth of a student's success in life. It helps them to gain more knowledge regarding the topic, which enables them to achieve a great number of grades in the examination.

9. Smart test-taking strategies

A student who wants to bring a good result in an exam must go through various self-tests based on academic sessions. Only reading and writing notes is not enough; evaluating own self with the help of tests is one of the most important tasks. It is an effective strategy for students to understand their strong and weak points.

10. Asking for help from teachers

During the time of studying, a lot of problems can be arrived. All the problems and any kind of queries can be solved by asking a question to the professor. It fulfills the knowledge gap, enhancing the students to earn the maximum test numbers.


It can be concluded that all the schools and top commerce colleges in Pune need to take exams to provide entry to students. All the students need to follow these tips to bring an effective result with good marks.
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